Certamen Questions and Study Sites

Welcome to our Certamen Study Page! We hope you find these links helpful in your studying process. If you know of any good sites, please e-mail them to us. Please also check out our General Reference Site.

Virginia Certamen Homepage

Question Sites

Demodocus Flash Cards
Certamen Questions Database
Types of Questions
Virginia Certamen Questions

History Study Sites

Imperium Romanum
Roman Geography
Certamen Study Guide - History
Pompeii and Herculaneum
The Development of Western Civilization
The Roman Empire

Mythology Study Sites
Poseidon's Greek Mythology
Bulfinch's Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica
The Gods and Their Planets
Greek Myth
Elysium Mythology
Certamen Study Guide - Mythology
Classical Mythology Glossary
Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources
Greek Mythology Link

Culture/Life Study Sites
Roman Sculpture
Glass-Making in Roman Times
Certamen Study Guide - Culture
Roman Culture

Grammar Study Sites
Certamen Study Guide - Grammar
Mr. J's Lingua Latina Pagina
Declension of Latin Nouns

General Facts
Roman Numeral and Date Conversion
Roman Numerals
State Mottoes in Latin
Latin Quotations
Classics Unveiled - This site contains information for all four categories.
Ancient Rome - Wow. This site has a lot, no kidding.
New! Latin I First Semester Study Guide

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