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NJCL National Latin Convention
August 1-6, 2005

This year's National Latin Convention will be held at the University of Missouri from August 1-6 in Columbia Missouri. Most of our Latin Club will not be attending this year's convention, as they will be attending a trip to Italy (see next item). For those who are going to the convention, check out the convention's site through the NJCL.


VJCL State Convention
November 20-21, 2005

We will send a delegation to Richmond to compete against schools from across the state in academic, artistic, and spirit contests. Events include lectures, Open Certamen, and That's Entertainment!. More details will be provided soon.

Latin Student Honors

WAGE Radio Student of the Month - Bethany Phillips
February 2005

Read the press release here.

Outstanding Latin Student of the Year - Richard Hang
2003 - 2004

Read the press release here.

Looking for our upcoming Certamen meets? Check out our Certamen meets page.

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