Convention Reports

Loudoun County Latin Day
December 17, 2004

Latin Day was successfully held on December 17, at Loudoun County High School. Open to all high schools in Loudoun County, students participated in a variety of contests: SuperCertamen, Costumes, Skits, and Arts/Crafts. Park View Certamen teams (Level I/II and III+) both made it to the final round on their levels, and won first place for their respective levels. (Go see our Certamen awards page to find out more.)

Our Latin translation of the famous Abbott and Costello routine, "Who's on First," won second place with performances by David, Adam, and Matt. Park View Students won several Crafts awards, the highlights of which being Bethany's Best-in-Show children's book, David's first place large model, and Maggie's first place illustrated quote.

- Insanus

For more information, look at the county's short press release, our Convention Awards page, and Magister's press release.

VJCL State Latin Convention 2004
November 21-22, 2004

What is there to say of States? Hmmm, the best way to describe it is in a poem:

States is the time for all Latin nerds,
To gather together, in large Latin herds.
They dance and sing and play fun games,
Meeting new friends, learning new names.
Taking tests is half the fun,
Especially when you know the answer to one.
They get together, for two days straight,
And when it is over, for next year, they can't wait.
And at the end of this great event,
Brains tired, and money spent,
They gather once more, to say their farewells,
Latin heaven is over, it's back to the hells.
- Pullus

For information on all our awards, go to our Convention Awards page.

NJCL Convention 2004
August 2004

The National Convention was so much fun. I got to meet alot of cool people from around the country and just hang out for a week. The spirit contests were really fun. I think my favorite part of the whole convention would be dressing up in togas and marching around the lake!!

To see Magister's press release, click here.

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