Convention Awards

VJCL State Latin Convention 2004
November 21-22, 2004

Latin I
Zachary- 8th place Latin Language
Imran- 8th place Omnibus, 7th place Vocabulary, 5th place Mythology, 3rd place Derivatives, 1st place Roman History
Tobias- 3rd place pastels, 9th place Vocabulary, 5th place Omnibus, 5th place Derivatives, 1st place Mythology

Latin II
Spencer- 6th place Poster
Prianka- 10th place Roman History, 6th place Children's Book, 4th place Chart
Samantha- 10th place Illustrated Quotation
Jasmine- 3rd place Children's Book
Quynh- 6th place Reading Comprehension II, 2nd place Greeting Card
Ryan- 9th place Map

Latin III
Kevin- 9th place Derivatives, 7th place Grammar, 4th place Vocabulary, 5th place Mythology, 2nd place Reading Comprehension Prose
Kazi- 10th place Vocabulary, 9th place Reading Comprehension Prose
Caitlin- 5th place Reading Comprehension Prose
Brady- 10th place Classical Geography, 10th place Roman History, 10th place Reading Comprehension Prose

Latin AP
Bethany- 8th place Reading Comprehension Poetry, 7th place Modern Myth, 4th place Poster
Jimmy- 10th place Derivatives, 9th place Vocabulary

Overall Sweepstakes
Kevin- 10th place (Grade 10)
Tobias- 8th place (Grade 10)
Imran- 6th place (Grade 9)

Service Competition
Second in the State - 461 hours of service

Loudoun County Latin Day
December 17, 2004

Level I and II (Spencer, Phil, Imran, and Tobias) - First Place
Level III+ (Caitlin, Brady, Kevin, and Bethany) - First Place

Translation of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" routine
Translated by Bethany and Kevin
Scenery....Maggie and Jake
Second Place

Arts/Crafts Competitions
Bethany- Best in Show and 1st place Children's Book
David- 1st place large model
Maggie- 1st place Illustrated Quotes
Jake- 2nd place Cartoons
Spencer- 2nd place Poster
Prianka- 2nd place Children's Book, 2nd place Chart, 3rd place Illustrated Quotations
Thao- Honorable Mention in Small Models
Phil- 2nd place Mosaic, Honorable Mention in Children's Books

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