Latin Club Makes a Mark With Mythology

Congratulations to the following Park View HS Latin Club students for their achievements on the eighth annual National Medusa Mythology Exam.

On the Upper Level (for Latin III-VI and AP students), Jimmy earned a Corona Laurea certificate, and Brian and Richard won Bronze Medals.

On the Lower Level (for Latin I and II students), Laura, Adam, and Trevor earned Corona Oliva certificates and Prianka earned a Corona Laurea certificate. Caitlin, Brady and David each earned Bronze Medals, and Kevin earned a Silver Medal.

The Medusa Mythology Exam is developed in order to give students talented in mythology an opportunity to excel and earn recognition while increasing exposure to the study of classical mythology. Based on a syllabus and questions written by a team of professors, teachers and students, the exam is composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. This year approximately 7,500 students across the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and Slovakia participated in the exam.

Latin Club Sponsor Howard Chang has accepted an offer to join the Medusa Mythology Exam Committee for the 2004-2005 year and will participate in the creation of the 2005 exam. Next year’s exam theme focuses on “Oracles and Prophecies,” and participation in the exam will be open to all students grades 9-12 regardless of enrollment in a Latin course.

- Magister

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