Latin Reference Sites

This page is perpetually growing. As we find more Latin-related sites, we will post them here. If you know of any good reference sites, please e-mail us. Please also check out our Certamen Study Page.

National Latin Exam
Medusa Mythology Exam


National Junior Classical League (NJCL)
Virginia Junior Classical League (VJCL)
American Classical League(ACL)

Latin Texts for AP (This year we are using texts by Catullus and Ovid.)

Catullus Latin Texts
Mr. J's Catullus Page
Ovid - Metamorphoses
Ovid - Amores

Cicero - Odes
Mr. J's Cicero Page
Horace - Sermones
Cicero - Pro Caelio

AP Latin Literature Course Description from the College Board

Vergil Latin Texts
AP Vergil Course Description from the College Board
Mr. J's Vergil Page

Other Latin Texts

The Latin Library
Lacus Curtius

Studying for Latin Class

Latin I First Semester Study Guide
Latin 1

Outside of Class

State Mottoes in Latin
Latin Quotations
Antique Roman Dishes
Glass-making in Roman Times
Roman Numeral and Date Conversion
Roman Numerals
Classics Unveiled
News in Latin
Google in Latin
Latin Tongue Twisters
Weather in Latin
Ancient Greek Music
Internet World History Sourcebook: Rome

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